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  • Wasps and Bees:
    As mean, nasty and annoying as they could be — we will get rid of them!
  • Green alternatives:
    For clients that put environmental sustainability first. We offer 100% pesticide free options.
  • Privacy:
    We use unmarked vehicles and unmarked uniforms
  • Fast Response Time:
    We are there within 24 hours or get 10% OFF!
  • Customer Service:
    Speak directly with an knowledgeable professional that will walk you through every step of the process
  • Reputation:
    We have thousands of satisfied clients
  • Great Prices:
    Affordable rates without any hidden charges

We Have a Great Reputation!

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  • Responders Pest Control, Pest Control Services, Winnipeg, MB

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Responders Pest Control

Came out the next day and was really wonderful to deal with. He educated us on the situation which helped me feel better about the whole situation. I'm happy to say he solved the problem. Thank you!

Mike G. / Edmonton 5.0 5.0

I found bed bugs in my trailer.  When I called they got to us that day and took care of it.  Very fast service and worked well.

Clive / Hinton, AB

The worst feeling of my life was when I saw that bed bug crawling across my bed. It was so gross all I could do was run out and shut the door. I couldn't stand the idea of sleeping in my home with those bugs in there. I called Responders on Sunday morning at 8:00am and they answered!

Linda, Steinbach MB
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