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Bed Bugs

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       If you're at this page, you must be concerned that you have bed bugs. Maybe you've seen an insect on your bed or couch, or found some bites on your body when you woke up in the morning. Bed bugs can happen to anybody. We're here to help. All our vehicles and uniforms are unmarked to protect your privacy.



1) The first step is to find out if your problem is bed bugs. If you've caught one of the bugs, take photos with your phone. If you have bites, take photos of those too. Call our hotline and you'll be put in touch directly with an exterminator. He'll go over what you've found so far, and give you a phone number or email so you can send him any photos you've taken. In most cases we will be able to find out if it's bed bugs this way.


2) Next, we'll schedule an inspection right away. In most cases we will be at your home within 24 hours. If we're able we'll head to your home right after we get off the phone with you. We work evenings, weekends, and holidays. We understand that you don't want to be kept waiting if you have a bed bug problem! Bed bug can spread fast, so we will move quickly.



3) Once we get to your home we can go over your treatment options, answer questions from you and your family have about bed bugs, and give you a quote. This visit does not put you under any obligation to use our services. We don't use high pressure sales tactics or tricks. Having bed bugs in your home is stressful enough already! You'll find our professionalism and customer care to be the best in the business.



       Heat Treatment is the best, fastest, and most effective option when it comes to bed bugs. We use only the best and most modern heat equipment. Chemical treatments can take weeks, or even months, to eliminate a bed bug problem. If you choose Heat Treatment this option your bed bug problem will be solved in a little as 24 hours. Then you can get back to living bed bug free.



       If you have any questions, call our hotline at any time. We're never to busy for our customers.



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Came out the next day and was really wonderful to deal with. He educated us on the situation which helped me feel better about the whole situation. I'm happy to say he solved the problem. Thank you!

Mike G. / Edmonton 5.0 5.0

I found bed bugs in my trailer.  When I called they got to us that day and took care of it.  Very fast service and worked well.

Clive / Hinton, AB

The worst feeling of my life was when I saw that bed bug crawling across my bed. It was so gross all I could do was run out and shut the door. I couldn't stand the idea of sleeping in my home with those bugs in there. I called Responders on Sunday morning at 8:00am and they answered!

Linda, Steinbach MB
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