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Located a short distance west of Edmonton, Spruce Grove is a relatively quiet community of 34,000 residents. Even so, the city can boast of being the ninth largest city in Alberta. First settled in 1879, Spruce Grove was first incorporated as a village, then a town, and most recently as a city in 1986. Art galleries, nature trails, sports fields, and live theater are only some of the attractions that provide residents and visitors with things to do. 

Homeowners do deal with common pests. When anyone starts to ask around about finding the “best exterminator near me," someone is bound to mention Responders Pest Control. Offering the best in pest treatment solutions, Responders provides the same high level of support to the citizens of Spruce Grove as it does to others living in the greater Edmonton area. Here is what we offer as the best pest control company in Spruce Grove.

How We Can Help You Get Rid of Pests

At Responders Pest Control, we understand how many different pest issues can arise in Spruce Grove. That’s why we offer so many different solutions. Have you noticed signs of rats or mice? We know what must be done. Maybe you are dealing with cockroaches that seem to be everywhere. Our exterminator in Spruce Grove can eliminate the problem. If ants seem to be coming from nowhere, we will find the points of entry, get rid of the ants, and help you prevent them from coming back. Even the wasps and bees that sometimes intimidate the personnel at other pest control companies will not stop us. 

Many of our long-time customers first seek us out because they have bed bugs. These tiny reddish-brown bugs can cause quite a few problems. They get into the upholstery and into your mattresses where they lay eggs that ensure the infestation continues. You may be one of the unfortunate people who have allergic reactions to bed bug bites. We understand why bed bugs are a problem on several levels, and will move fast to help you rid your home of these pests.

Spruce Grove Bed Bugs Control

The Responders solution to bed bugs control can be summed up in one word: heat. Our methods involve killing bed bugs with heat. It’s not just a matter of turning up the thermostat and making the home unbearably warm. We use directed heat that permeates every square inch of the home. The plan is to use enough heat to kill the adult bugs while also killing any eggs that may be hidden deep in your mattresses or the padding of your upholstered furniture. 

Our effective bed bugs heat treatment is free of any chemicals. That’s great news for anyone who is sensitive to the substance that are sometimes used to get rid of bed bugs in Spruce Grove. The heat does not leave behind any type of scent and will not stain any of your fabrics. What it will do is kill the bugs and make it all the easier for you to vacuum, launder, and in general clean any surface where the bugs once resided. 

After we use heat treatment to kill off all the bugs and eggs in your home, it will be easy to see why so many people consider our approach to be the best bed bug treatment in Spruce Grove. Best of all, the treatments don’t take long and you can once again sleep without any worries of being bitten. 

Are you someone who is asking those you know “who offers the best pest control near me in Spruce Grove?" If so, the answer is Responders Pest Control. Give us a call at (780) 271-5587 or request a free quote using the form found on our website. As pest control professionals with a wealth of experience, we can help with any type of pest issue you are facing. After we settle on the type of pest control services you need, our team will get to work. In no time at all, the problem will be eliminated and we can talk with you about proactive options for household pest control and prevention.

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Customer Reviews

Came out the next day and was really wonderful to deal with. He educated us on the situation which helped me feel better about the whole situation. I'm happy to say he solved the problem. Thank you!

Mike G. / Edmonton

I found bed bugs in my trailer.  When I called they got to us that day and took care of it.  Very fast service and worked well.

Clive / Hinton, AB

The worst feeling of my life was when I saw that bed bug crawling across my bed. It was so gross all I could do was run out and shut the door. I couldn't stand the idea of sleeping in my home with those bugs in there. I called Responders on Sunday morning at 8:00am and they answered!

Linda, Steinbach MB
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